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Artificial Turf Installation

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    $8.00 Price per sq. ft.Made to blend right in with your natural environment. Dense, thick, resilient grass, great for high traffic areas and pets. High temperature resistant. Great stand up performance makes it perfect for commercial areas, both indoors and outdoors, like gyms, playgrounds and kindergartens. Will maintain a well cut manicured look at all times. Turf is backed with Double PP & PU secondary backing which increases the lifespan of turf. Drainage holes makes it easy for liquids to pass through.PILE HEIGHT: 1.75”TURF GAUGE: 3/8”TOTAL WEIGHT: 85 oz.yd2BACKING: PE + PPTECHNOLOGY: C Grass MixedWIDTH: 15FT


6 months ago
As new homeowners in Westminster, my husband and I had a variety of options for landscaping. Turf Solution Pros Denver from the beginning provided great customer service, superior workmanship, and competitive pricing. The sales rep made a couple of trip to our home and another client near me, and he put us through the process. He was friendly and tailored the installation process based on our requirement. The team worked professionally and efficiently to create a wonderland in our backyard. Everything now looks gorgeous! We highly recommend Turf Solution Pros Denver for any artificial grass installation.
- Dwayne E
6 months ago
I called Turf Solution Pros Denver customer service on a Saturday at 6 pm. I was surprised when the rep answered and was willing to drive to Wheat Ridge for an appointment at 10 am on a Sunday. I have a big backyard, and he was able to give me an accurate and reasonable price and the crew started work the following Wednesday. The team was always professional, neat, and it was a pleasure to work with them. I cannot recommend Turf Solution Pros Denver highly enough. I'm quite picky, and most of the contractors near me seem to find me difficult but not Turf Solution Pros Denver. I really appreciate their PATIENTS. And I highly recommend them!!
- Daniel D
a week ago
Turf Pros Solution is a, highly interactive company with an excellent customer service record and quality product. Highly affordable and impressive.
- John C

Artificial Turf Installation

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Lawn • Putting Greens • Playgrounds

We’ve got everything you need – artificial turf for pet systems, putting greens, playgrounds, and general lawn replacements for homes. Our goal is to bring you the best value for your money on your synthetic grass selection. We have addressed safety concerns, environmental benefits, esthetics, durability, availability, and price comparison to ensure our imitation grass exceed expectations.

Artificial grass for homes is a low-maintenance alternative to natural lawn; it provides equal parts versatility and aesthetic appeal. Although natural grass looks great, it can be labor
intensive and time consuming due to ongoing maintenance requirements. For many people, dedicating time to lawn maintenance is just not an option owing to busy schedules. In some cases, the weather does not help matters, thus necessitating the use of readily available and affordable synthetic grass. Advances in the manufacture of artificial lawns have made it possible for property owners to find grass that is less abrasive, looks natural and is durable. This is opposed to the plastic-looking, bright green products that were available on the market in the past. Natural lawns require regular watering, weeding and cutting to keep it looking great. On the other hand, artificial lawns are fade-resistant, hygienic, safe and easy to clean. It can drain easily thanks to innovative structural design. The greens are ideal for a wide variety of outdoor spaces, including small balconies, roof terraces and decks. This low-maintenance option comes with a soft, smooth surface that makes it great for use by both pets and humans. Children can play sports on the surface comfortably.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What is the life expectancy of artificial synthetic grass? As far as OUR ARTIFICIAL is concerned, you can be assured you are purchasing a high-quality Our products are manufactured to a high standard of quality, which is exactly we have the ability to confidently say that our artificial turf has a life expectancy of approximately 20 to 25 years, depending utilization. ----------------------------------------------------------------------
Is artificial synthetic grass similar to indoor/outdoor carpeting? Not at all. Our synthetic grass truly looks like natural grass. Not only does Synthetic Grass by Lawn Pros look real, but a lot of our grass products feel real! The fiber length ranges from 1 ″ to 2.5 ″ depending on the product.
Is the sun harmful to artificial turf or make it discolor? Absolutely no.We don't ever utilize a topical UV treatment; our fibers have integrated UV Inhibitors that we blend into the fiber resin.All turf by In rare circumstances, we have found that Energy Efficient Windows can cause magnified reflections that may cause artificial turf to melt if it resides in the direct path of this reflection. The magnification a few Energy Efficient Windows is so strong that it can melt sprinkler heads, kiddie pools,as well as additional plastics.Get in touch with the manufacturer and ask them how to the best ways to fix this problem if you do have Energy Efficient Windows. Tinting the windows is usually sufficient. ----------------------------------------------------------------------
How does artificial synthetic grass stay in place when it is installed? An infill material typically sand is brushed into the top of the grass that adds to the weight of the installed grass and acts as a ballast. Additionally, the edges are pinned down with our 7 ″ non-corrosive spikes which are spaced approximately 3 ′ away from each other. ----------------------------------------------------------------------
Is artificial synthetic grass hotter than my natural lawn? Yes, all artificial synthetic grass is hotter than natural grass in the sunlight, it simply doesn't have the natural cooling capacity of natural grass. It won't get as hot as beach sand, but it will definitely be warmer than natural grass, which contains water.There is always a trade-off for the advantages for example no mowing, no watering,absolutely no weeding,no chemical applications, easier dog clean up,zero mud, and so on|. The only real trade-off is that the surface of synthetic grass will be hotter than natural grass.But, we have never had a complaint that the grass extremely hot.
Get a free in-home artificial grass estimate from Turf Pros Solution Denver 
We are the best Turf Supplier in Denver. We bring the showroom to your doorstep,
providing you with hand-selected artificial turf product samples that you can see and feel for yourself.
Let our trained turf consultants measure your landscape,
answer your questions, and provide you with all the information you need to design your perfect outdoor landscape.
Simply put, Turf Pros Solution Denver 
Turf Supplier in Denver artificial grass looks amazing and will drastically compliment your outdoor aesthetic. We hand select every artificial turf product that
we install to ensure that it looks like natural grass from up-close and afar.
Our goal is to make your home the envy of your neighbors by installing true-to-life products
that mimic a natural grass environment without the water, time, money, and hassle involved in maintaining it.
Real grass dies. Artificial grass doesn’t. When you compliment your home with a Turf Pros Solution Denver 
Turf Supplier in Denver installation, you are investing in a long term landscape solution.
That’s because we hand select synthetic grass products that exceed the industry standards in terms of resistance and durability.
Every product we install has been carefully engineered to withstand heavy foot traffic, pets, and repeat play.
Turf Pros Solution Denver
Turf Supplier in Denver is mother-nature approved and mother-nature proof.
Did we mention that artificial grass is low maintenance? After all, who wants to deal with mowing, trimming, seeding, re-sodding, fertilizing, and watering their landscape?
I don’t know about you, but we like spending our free time FREE. Kiss your gardeners goodbye,
sell your lawn mower on craigslist, and take back your weekends by installing a Turf Pros Solution Denver 
Turf Supplier in Denver landscape.
Rising water costs and landscape maintenance fees continue to take a toll on your wallet. Recurring droughts are only going to make matters financially worse.
There has never been a better time to make the switch to artificial grass and let the savings begin. An artificial turf landscapes is proven to enhance your outdoor aesthetic which translates to increased property value.
In a short time, these savings will result in a return on investment that puts money back in your pocket.
Safe for Kids
Turf Pros Solution Denver Turf Supplier in Denver installations feature products that are safe for children of all ages. We refuse to install any products that contain lead,
other harmful chemicals, and noxious gases. That’s why you will find our products installed in backyards, preschools, middle schools, high schools, and playgrounds all throughout Colorado.
Loved By Pets
Treat your furry friends to a clean and pristine landscape that is specially engineered with them in mind. Our pet turf products look and feel like natural grass, featuring reinforced blade and backing construction to handle the largest of pets (even bears).
Say goodbye to muddy paws and say hello to your personal pet sanctuary.
Lifelike Products
Turf Pros Solution Denver
Turf Supplier in Denver only installs the most lifelike commercial artificial grass products. Each product is engineered with reinforced blade fibers that mimic the texture of natural grass.
Furthermore, they feature a brown thatch that simulates the perfectly imperfect nature of an actual grass lawn.
After all, nobody wants a landscape that looks like carpet. No other company installs products that seamlessly combine top-quality aesthetics with lasting durability.
Professional Installation
Not all artificial grass installers are created equally, especially when compared to Turf Pros Solution Denver Turf Supplier in Denver. Our veteran installers have spent years perfecting the art of lasting,
lifelike installations that meet the individual needs of our customers.
We approach every project with a singular goal in mind: your complete satisfaction.

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